Welcome /Benvenuti

Since 1988

Dove Si Mangia Bene

The food of Calabria is simple, honest, healthy, and delicious. When you walk into Ristorante Calabrisella on Erie Street in the heart of Little Italy you are greeted as if you were old friends. Delectable aromas from the kitchen confirm that an authentic Italian dining experience awaits.

The best Italian food and occassional musical interludes are provided by…

Executive Chef –  Biagio Spadafora

Chef Biagio invites you to take $10 off your next meal when you print this money saving coupon.


11 responses to “Welcome /Benvenuti

  1. Mmmmmm. I can smell the delicious food even through my computer screen. I can’t wait to visit. If Ami Simms says it’s good, it’s good, but I’m going to come double-check for myself. Yum.

  2. Since my daughter now lives in Ont and I’ll be
    visiting soon, I’ll look it up. Thanks.

  3. Hello from sunny Jupiter, Florida

    If I ever get to Windsor I will come to your restaurant to eat. Any friend of Ami’s is a friend of mine.

    I wish you have obscene profits and happiness.

    Bud Gottesman
    Jupiter, Florida

  4. wish I didn’t live so far away. Maybe Ami will bring me when I visit her in June. I love Italian food

  5. Golly! Now I have a reason to return to Michigan!! Sounds like a great place to have lunch or dinner!!

  6. I only wish I lived closer…Florida is a long way to travel for a delicious Italian meal.

  7. We have been eating there for years. Without a question, the best Italian food in the Detroit/Windsor area. Delicate flavors and superb quality.

  8. Hope you guys are having a good Fall. We can’t wait to get back to your great food, music and art.

    Ron & Corinne


    Is a very ,very delicious master chef, with a friendly atmosphere.

  10. I had dinner last night. So amazing. This place is a gem! The best pasta. You really don’t need a menu. Toni will prepare a visual image of the food for you, and return from the kitchen with the most amazing dishes. Trust her. Go nowhere else for dinner!

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